Top 8 White PC Cases Reviews In 2020

Buying the best white PC case can actually be overwhelming, especially when you are not aware of what you need. Buying any computer accessory requires the buyer to maintain a keen eye for details and clear comprehension of what the gadget has to offer. This helps you determine whether the product will give you value for your money. In the recent past, white PC cases have experienced a gradual increase in demand.
As a result, a lot of brands have come up to try and supply demand. Therefore, today, there are numerous choices to pick from, making the process challenging. However, with the list below, you can easily select the best white PC case that will give you top performance and high quality at a fair price.

The Best Selling Products

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8. Fractal Design Focus Computer Case

Fractal Design Focus Computer Case

Are you wondering whether there is any white PC case that can showcase the hardware aesthetics of your computer using a sophisticated style and elegant accents? If you thought there was none, then you were wrong because this fractal PC case gives you exactly that. It comes with a design that accommodates components of high performance with efficient and smart space utilization for a compact and neat footprint. To ensure that there is enough ventilation, this PC case comes with 6 fan positions. This facilitates high air flow compatibility. Additionally, the case comes with a filtered front, base, and top air intakes to ensure that the interior is dust free.


  • Multiple radiator configurations
  • CPU coolers
  • Windowed side panel

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7. Fractal Design Mesh Computer Case

Fractal Design Mesh Computer Case

This is one of the best white PC cases on the market in Unlike other similar products on sale today, this Fractal design PC case features a high air flow streamlined design. This design comes with a pair of pre-installed fans that facilitate the optimum flow of air with less noise. Additionally, you will love the capacity and performance of a huge tower in a compact mATX styled tower. To facilitate maximum air intake, this PC case comes with an angular mesh front panel, enhancing ventilation. For a full interior view, this product comes with a tinted tempered glass panel at the side.


  • Dust free interior
  • Distinctive styling
  • Quiet PC operation

6. IN WIN White Computer Case

IN WIN White Computer Case

Do you want to protect your computer from dust and any fall impact? The best way to do that is to invest in this gaming computer case. This product will ensure that the interior of your computer is dust free and the exterior has a clean look and feel. Its front panel is clean and simple and comes with a striking LED bezel. The tempered glass panel at the side gives you a clear view of the interior and when you do not need it, you can simply remove it with a simple press of a button.


  • Top PSU chamber
  • Unique GPC holder
  • A pair of HDD mounts

5. Phanteks Eclipse P300 White Tower Case

Phanteks Eclipse P300 White Tower Case

This is a great white PC case that features a heavy duty construction. Therefore, you can be sure that it can withstand the impacts of a fall. It is also a product that features a sturdy construction because it comes with full metallic exterior design. The interior of this PC case is clean and dust free and for a clear interior view, this case comes with a tempered glass panel, which is also detachable. To protect your computer from dust, this product features a magnetic dust filter.


  • RGB power light
  • LED control
  • Unique exterior design with PSU cover

4. CORSAIR CARBIDE White Gaming Case


Here is a pocket-friendly white PC case that gives you a life-long service. To show off your PC in a sophisticated style, this case comes with a beautiful tempered glass panel at its sides. You will also love the minimalistic and clean design, whose look is polished by the soft accent lighting. For multiple radiator configurations, this white PC case is equipped with spacious and versatile cooling options. You will also love the expansive storage space that is brought about by the steel drive trays.


  • Builder friendly design
  • Intuitive internal layout
  • Minimalistic design

3. CORSAIR Mid Tower White Pc Case

CORSAIR Mid Tower White Pc Case

Do you have limited space but still want to buy a white PC case? This is the best PC case for you because it will fit in tight spaces due to its compactness. You will love its vivid illumination and excellent performance. For adequate air flow, this computer case is equipped with fans at the sides. It protects your computer from dust and so the interior is dust free, giving your gaming computer long life. For GPU and CPU loops perfect operation, this case comes with the support of capable liquid cooling. The tempered glass panel facilitates the display of each build component of your system.


  • RGB fans
  • Compact mid-tower design
  • Direct air flow

2. Thermaltake Mid Tower White PC Case

Thermaltake Mid Tower White PC Case

In order for you to have an unrivaled presentation, this PC case comes with exceptional LED lighting as well as cooling options. It also features a custom gull-wing window display, allowing you to have a clear view of the side and the top. In addition, this case has a floating GPU design, bringing the GPU power towards the forefront using the GPU mount. Unlike other white PC cases on sale today, this one comes with ideal cable management through the full-length PSU cover, concealing and protecting the cables.


  • Enhanced cooling
  • LED lighting
  • Unrivaled presentation

1. CORSAIR Carbide AIR White PC Case

CORSAIR Carbide AIR White PC Case

This is the best white PC case in the year That is why it tops this list because it gives you value for your money, making it a great purchase. To allow air flow to the hottest component of your computer, this case is designed in such a way that it facilitates adequate ventilation. The computer case also features a smart space-saving design while still giving you a lot of internal volume. For a clear view, this computer case gives you a full side panel display.


  • Front dust filter
  • Huge internal volume
  • Rubber grommets

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