Top 10 Self-Inflating Air Mattresses Reviews In 2020

Self-inflating air mattress is useful in camping or sleepovers. Moreover, if you have visitors and you have no enough guest room, then the use of air mattresses can be ideal for you. One of the best ways to enjoy and be comfortable while camping is investing in an air mattress. Not just an ordinary air mattress but a bed with good quality. When choosing such kinds of beds, there are vital essentials you should look for. First of all, the air mattress must be able to inflate and deflate quickly. However, below is a list of the best air mattress that one can purchase.

The Best Selling Products

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10. SoundAsleep Dream Series Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Mattress

Currently, it is among the most selling and in demand self-inflating air mattresses in the market. The air mattress is fully installed with all the Features you expect from a perfect air mattress. It is easy to use since it has an inbuilt pump. The pump takes a short duration of three to four minutes to inflate. Moreover, the pump is very resourceful in deflating the mattress. It is built with an environment-friendly PVC multilayer. The 15-gauge material that enables the bed to be puncture-resistant. Hence, it is durable and robust. Also, this material assists in marinating size, shape, and firmness.


  • Comes in two sizes the queen size and twin size
  • The twin size has a height of 19-inch while queen height is 18-inch
  • Easy to set up
  • It is made up of a PVC multilayer

9. The Coleman Premium Double High SupportRest Air mattress

The Coleman Premium Double High SupportRest Air mattress

When it comes to the production of outdoor recreation facilities, Coleman is the leading company. The bed doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its and elegant look. It comes with a three-color grid and delvers needs of all users. However, the Coleman made mattress comes at a meager price. It has an in-built pump making it very easy to use. Also, it equipped with a dual valve system, preventing the mattress from deflating all night long. The mattress is of a great deal when it comes to camping due to its durability. Also, one can adjust the bed’s firmness to his likeness for added comfort.


  • In-built pump for easy setup
  • It is built with a piece of soft suede fabric and the durable vinyl material
  • It has a height of 18-inch
  • One can adjust the firmness of the mattress

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8. Serta Raised Air Bed

Serta Raised Air Bed

The bed comes in different models, queen pillow top bed, queen, a twin-sized, and a blue queen-sized mattress. All models have two pumps easing the setup process. The primary pump is responsible for inflating and deflating. However, the secondary pump inflates and re-inflates the bed in case of any air loss. When it comes to durability, the secondary pump is of very much significance. The air mattress is made up of PVC material, increasing the bed’s durability.


  • It has a raised height of 18-inches
  • It has a circular coil in-built system to offer comfortability
  • Its material is PVC type material
  • Has two in-built pump
  • Easy to use

7. Insta-Bed


It is one of the best air beds ever designed. The bed comes in various models, the queen-sized, fully-sized, white queen, twin-sized, and a queen pillowtop bed. Insta-bed is unique in its way. Unlike other air beds, it has two in-built air pumps. The primary pump inflates at a short duration of three to four minutes. However, the pump can also be used in deflating the bed. On the other hand, the secondary pump is used to adjust the firmness of the mattress. The bed s designed for a long lifetime due to its PVC nature. On comfortability, the secondary pump ensures that you don’t have to wake up due to deflation.


  • All versions have an 18-inch height size
  • The bed is made of PVC materials
  • It has two in-built pumps
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to carry and transport

6. Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow

Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow

The mattress comes with a meager purchasing price. Intex Company is well-known for its production of good quality mattresses. Intex Dura-beam air mattress comes with an in-built electric pump that inflates and deflates the bed. The mattress can increase in three minutes. It comes with a duffel bag that assists in the transportation of the mattress. The waterproof mattress is made up of fabric-tech Fiber, increasing its durability and life span. When it comes to comfortability, the Fiber- tech beam system assists a lot in improving the bed’s comfort.


  • It comes with a height of 16.5-inch
  • It has an in-built electric pump
  • It is made up of Fiber-Tech construction system
  • Easy to set up

5. Intex Queen Prestige Downy Air Mattress

Intex Queen Prestige Downy Air Mattress

The bed offers all that one demands both indoors and camping needs. Furthermore, you will save a lot of bucks while purchasing this mattress. However, many may look at the price and wonder if it will satisfy their needs. Don’t let that hinder you from obtaining it. The mattress is top quality and top-notch mattress that will offer you more services than what you paid for


  • It has an in-built air pump and a handheld battery pump
  • Coms with a 3 in 1 valve
  • Very classy and easy to set up
  • Can withstand a weight of 600 pounds
  • It is constructed with a waterproof 20.8 gauge
  • It comes with the 14-gauge vinyl beam for additional comfort
  • It has a raised height of 8.75 inches and 9.75 inches when fully inflated

4. SimplySleeper SS-47T

SimplySleeper SS-47T

Compared to other air mattresses, it is the most pretty and good looking. However, other than its looks, the bed still has so much to offer. It has a quality-in-built pump that takes only two minutes to inflate the mattress fully. It has a quick switch that enables one to adjust the firmness level.


  • It is made up of durthomane polyester laminate, offering durability and comfortability
  • X coil construction enables it to support up to 400 pounds of weight
  • It has a height of 8.5 inches
  • Easy to set up
  • In-built quality pump

3. Coleman Air mattress cot

Coleman Air mattress cot

The mattress is supported by 3 feet stand. It mostly appropriate for anyone who wants to camp in style. It has an inbuilt battery-operated pump and can support up to 600 pounds of weight.


  • It comes with fold-out tables
  • It has a durable and comfortable inner coil system
  • Easy to use
  • It has a height of 22-inches

2. Zoetime Twin Size air mattress

Zoetime Twin Size air mattress

It has a straightforward setup process that helps you in saving time when inflating. The bed is an ideal thing for guests and use in camps. Lifetime comes with an inbuilt electric pump that takes four to two minutes to raise sufficiently,


  • It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Inbuilt electric pump
  • Versatile and easy to use

1. Airexpect air mattress

Airexpect air mattress

It’s a 19-inch air mattress that’s easy to use. It comes with a two-year warranty and is made up of durable yet reliable materials. It has enhanced technology that provides you with enough rest. It has an in-built energetic pump that takes less than 5 minutes to inflate.


  • It has an in-built capable pump
  • It is made of waterproof materials
  • It is incorporated with 40 air coils
  • It supports a maximum weight of 640 pounds

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