Top 8 Best Off Road Tires Reviews In 2019

While shopping for car tires, some people think that all types work the same. This is not always the case. Using a set of winter tires off-road is a bad decision for many reasons. First, they cannot withstand harsh off-road environments. They crack, spit, and or burst easily. Furthermore, their grip is somewhat poor. As such, if you enjoy rigorous off-road driving, they might affect the stability and therefore safety of your vehicle. These top 8 best off road tires highlights some of the best brands of tires to buy.

List Of Best Off Road Tires Reviews

8. Federal Couragia M/T Tire


To improve the off-road performance of your vehicle, replace its stock tires with a set of high-performance ones. Federal Couragia, for instance, is a recommended model for sedans and sporty coupes for many reasons. First, its patterned ribs improve the braking power of vehicles. With a new set, therefore, you will make sharp turns with ease. This mud-terrain tire also has an asymmetric design that improves handling and unique grooves for clearing deep water bodies. On loose sand or mud, therefore, the risk of your vehicle sticking or sliding is relatively low.


  • Angled sides
  • Patterned ribs
  • Asymmetric design
  • Durable mud-terrain tire
  • Resists aquaplaning

7. Falken Wildpeak AT3W Radial Tire


Radial all-terrain tires are among the best types for use off-road. However, for the best results, you need a high-performance brand such as Falken Wildpeak AT3W. This all-weather tire works well in most environments. It does not stick in mud or on loose sand. Its rigid and rugged tread blocks improve handling, while its novel heat diffuser technology boosts its longevity. During hot summer months, it keeps the internal parts of this tire cool. Under heavy load, therefore, this prevents it from flexing and bursting. Finally, you will like the aggressive upper sidewall of this radial tire. It boosts traction off-road. Its offset design also prevents sharp rocks from piercing and damaging it.


  • Off-road radial design
  • Aggressive upper sidewall
  • Heat diffuser technology
  • Rugged tread blocks
  • Canyon sipe technology (3D)

6. OTR 350 Mag Off-Road Tire


The type of tires on your ATV determines the experience that you will have off-road. The cheap yet low-grade ones that are popular online, for instance, puncture easily. They also wobble under heavy loads. Fortunately, this OTR 350 Mag Off-Road Tire offer different results. Its heavy-duty design, for instance, can support up to 2000 pounds. Whether you use your ATV to haul heavy loads of wood or ride it vigorously off-road, this tire will hold up well. Its sturdy 25-inch design fits most ATVs. Finally, because of its versatility, you can mount it on the front or rear or your ATV without sacrificing performance.


  • Versatile 25-inch design
  • Durable 6-ply off-road tire
  • Works on the front and rear
  • Supports up to 2000 pounds

5. SunF A043 Sport-Performance XC Radial Tire


Sport-performance tires such as SunF A043 are among the best brands for off-road use. Even though costly that some stock brands, you get a quality product with a wealth of novel attributes. Its knobby and angled treads, for instance, grip most surfaces well. Made using six-ply rubber, it also withstands the harsh racing conditions that people subject their UTVs, ATVs, and Go Karts. Finally, because of its deep lug pattern, this tire has a superb traction. On loose surfaces such as mud or sand, it will improve the stability and thus safety of your vehicle.


  • Deep lug pattern
  • Durable six ply rubber
  • Smooth radial construction
  • Fits ATVs, UTVs, and Go Karts
  • Angled tread design (knobby)

4. Federal Couragia M/T Radial Tire


Are you looking for a high traction radial tire for your SUV or UTV? Federal Couragia M/T has many desirable attributes. Its mud terrain design, for instance, has aggressive shoulder lugs that grip most surfaces well. Whilst in use, it lowers the risk of your vehicle slipping on mud and other challenging terrains. Its upper shoulder, on the other hand, has a strong protection block with a good cut, impact, and bruise resistance. Off-road hazards such as sharp rocks do not compromise the structure of this radial tire easily. Finally, if you enjoy off-roading, you will like this tire’s incremental block edge and its sloped radius gradient. They boost its clearance and off-road traction respectively.


  • Incremental block edge
  • Sloped radius gradient
  • Advanced tread compound
  • Strong protection block
  • Aggressive shoulder lugs

3. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Radial Tire


This professional version of the renowned Cooper Discoverer STT tire works well off-road. This three-ply proprietary tire resists impact damage up to 50% better than most standard tires. It is also smooth, sturdy, and has alternating ribs (3-2 pattern) that improve its traction on loose ground. Even at high speeds, therefore, you can corner sharply without your vehicle sliding and or rolling. Its flex grooves and specially designed cleats (side bitters) boost its performance further. They prevent side-slipping. They also improve the traction of this tire on inclines, which makes it ideal for rock climbing. Order a set now.


  • Alternating ribs (3-2 pattern)
  • Durable carcass construction (3 ply)
  • Specially designed side biters
  • Asymmetric scallop and mud scoop

2. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM Radial Tire


Because of its performance, this BFGoodrich radial tire is one of the most popular brands for off-roading. On rugged surfaces, its high void tread design comes in handy. Due to its large footprint, it grips a wide area of the road. This boosts traction. Its interlocking treads and TriGard carcass guards, on the other hand, protect it against bruising and puncture. With this mud-terrain tire, therefore, your vehicle will ride smoothly on rocks, mud, and deep dirt to name a few. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires are quiet and designed to withstand the elements well.


  • High Void tread design
  • Polyester carcass guards (three ply)
  • Computerized tread design
  • Effective rim protector

1. Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire


Goodyear has a wide selection of tires for most vehicles. To enjoy good off-road performance, for instance, buy this all-season Wrangler Radial Tire. Its optimized tread design grips most surfaces well to boost traction. During sunny or rainy weather, you can use it on most surfaces without your vehicle slipping or sliding. Its large trade blocks are also handy. Because of their stable footprint, they improve handling. They also improve traction and the longevity of this Goodyear radial tire further.


  • Large tread blocks
  • Stable footprint
  • Optimized tread design
  • Durable tire compound

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