Top 8 Best Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews In 2019

Knives are among the most important tools in kitchens. While cooking, we use them to prepare ingredients such as meats and vegetables. We also use them to prepare salads or slice fruits for lunch and or dinner. To keep yours sharp and functional, buy a knife-safe cutting board. Materials such as wood and silicon retain the sharpness of knives better than plastics. Occasionally, you should also sharpen and hone the edges of your knives. This is easy. In these top 8 best electric knife sharpener, we talk about the best tools to use.

8. Wusthof 3-stage PEtec

Wusthof 3-stage PEtec

In the past, people scrapped their knives or rocks to keep them sharp. Other people had manual tools such as files, which were frustrating to use. Fortunately, with the development of electric knife sharpeners such as Wusthof PEtec, this is an easy process. Its advanced three-stage system secures and sharpens most types of knives. Whether you use serrated or straight edge knives, this product will deliver good results. It creates a clean 14-degree edge, which most people like. Its wheels (diamond, fine grit, and stropping) are durable. Made of stainless steel, it also has a stylish and durable shell that does not rust over time. All parts are BPA-free.


  • Three stage sharpening
  • Stainless steel case (black)
  • Heavy-duty sharpening wheels
  • Sharpens most knives
  • Powerful electric system

7. Chef’sChoice 270 Hybrid

Chef'sChoice 270 Hybrid

Chef’sChoice 270 Hybrid is an eye-catching (white) electric knife sharpener with a powerful diamond hone system. Perfect for sharpening both serrated and straight edge blades, its three-stage system creates a sharp 20-degree edge. You can also use it to sharpen pocketknives and sporting knives without scuffing or damaging their blades. Moreover, its criss-cross technology creates bur free edges. Assembled in the USA, you can use Chef’sChoice 270 Hybrid manually or electrically. You also get a household warranty that covers all factory defects for one year.


  • Factory warranty (1-year)
  • Crisscross technology
  • Three-stage sharpening
  • Sharp 20-degree edge
  • Compatible with most knives
  • Stylish white theme

6. Chef’sChoice 250

Chef'sChoice 250

Do you have a hard time keeping the knives in your home sharp and functional? Instead of shipping them out often to get their edges sharpened, look for Chef’sChoice This 3-stage electric sharpener has a powerful hybrid technology (manual and electric) for sharpening most types of knives. These include sporting knives, straight knives, and serrated knives that most people use at home. Moreover, the ultra-thin diamond abrasives that it uses are safe for most types of blades. They do not scuff or burr stainless steel. They also sharpen carbon steel knives without issues.


  • Three stage sharpening
  • Ultra-thin diamond abrasives
  • Sharpens most knives
  • Hybrid (manual and electric)
  • Non-slip rubberized feet

5. LINKYO Electric

LINKYO Electric

Designed to sharpen knives fast and safely, LINKYO Electric is a good knife sharpener for homes. Attainable pre-assembled, it is easy to set up and use. Its powerful automated system is also one of a kind. It secures and positions blades automatically. It also sharpens and then rejuvenates blades with little help from people. Apart from its effectiveness, most chefs prefer LINKYO Electric to other brands because of its safety. First, it has suction cups for feet. These grip smooth surfaces well to boost its stability whilst sharpening. This prevents accidents. It also has mess-free receptacles. These prevent metal filings from contaminating your food. Finally, parts are not only BPA-free but also under a warranty (1-year). You can use it worry-free at home.


  • Three-stage sharpeners
  • Mess-free receptacles
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Positions blades automatically
  • Non-slip suction cups

4. Work Sharp WSCMB

Work Sharp WSCMB

Work Sharp WSCMB is a reliable electric knife sharpener for professional and hobbyists chefs. Its fixed sharpening guide has a flexible belt (abrasive) that sharpens most types of knives. The material cut blades precisely to create a smooth and sharp edge on both straight and serrated knives. Its ceramic honing slot is also one of a kind. The fit-grit rod (tapered) that it has refines smooth edges without compromising the structure of blades. If you enjoy cooking but struggle to keep your knives sharp, do not hesitate to buy this product. It is durable, powerful, and most importantly, very easy to use.


  • Flexible sharpening belt
  • Fit grit honing rod (tapered)
  • Fixed sharpening/honing guides
  • Powerful electric system
  • Durable structure (heavy-duty)

3. Presto 08800 EverSharp

Presto 08800 EverSharp

Are you looking for an easy-to-use electric knife sharpener that delivers professional results? Presto 08800 EverSharp is a popular two-stage model that sharpens most blades quickly and easily. Its powerful 120V system works with standard electrical outlets. It also has a stable design with precision guides that eliminate guesswork from knife sharpening. In seconds, it orients knives naturally. Its sapphirite wheels then grind and sharpen both hard and soft blades to an angle suitable for cutting and slicing. This is a safe knife sharpener. The risk of it slipping whilst in use, for instance, is slim. Built to North American Standards (electrical), you can use it at home hassle-free.


  • Precision guides (angled)
  • Durable sapphirite wheels
  • Sharpens most knives
  • Non-slip knife sharpener
  • Two-stage sharpening system

2. Chef’sChoice 120

Chef’sChoice 120

Chef’sChoice 120 is a versatile knife sharpener for homes. To create sharp arch-shaped edges on your knives, this is the best product to use. Its guides control the angle of knives precisely. They also create sharp hair-splitting edges, which are perfect for preparing ingredients. This product’s automatic system handles such jobs fast and safely. Most chefs like this. It is also durable. The diamond abrasives that it last longer than most belt sanders often do. Its solid case and stable feet also last for long.


  • Precision angle control
  • Two-stage sharpening
  • Sharp arch-shaped edge
  • Durable diamond abrasives
  • Resilient feet (non-slip)
  • Three-year warranty

1. Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV

Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV

Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV is a lightweight knife sharpener (4.6 pounds) with a patented sharpening system. The diamond abrasives that it uses, for instance, sharpen most types of knives with ease. Its three-stage sharpening technology also stands out. Devoid of the structure of the blade in your possession, this tool will orient and sharpen it automatically. The 15-degree edges that it creates are also sharp. In homes or hotels, therefore, this product boosts the productivity of people. This sharpener is easy to use. Using a switch, you can turn it on and off easily. It also grips surfaces well. This boosts safety.


  • Light sharpener (4.6 pounds)
  • Sharp 15-degree edges
  • Advanced stropping stage
  • Sharpens most blades
  • Automatic adjustment
  • Automatic accuracy control

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