Top 8 Best Vacuums Under 100 Reviews In 2020

Vacuum cleaners are good at picking up dirt and or liquids from most surfaces. They clean sensitive wooden floors well. If you have laminate or carpet floors at home, you will also enjoy using one. However, to prevent scratches or fading, you need a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Look for a lightweight brand that you can use easily ate home. High-powered vacuums that clean most floors well also make cleaning fun. In these top 8 best vacuum under 100 reviews in 2018, we have highlighted a few reputable brands.

The Best Selling Products

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8. Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed


Are you tired of using a cumbersome wet mop to clean your home? If you have 100 dollars to spend, you can easily find a high-powered vacuum online that makes house-cleaning fun. Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed is one of the best brands in 2018 for these reasons. First, its multi-surface system cleans most types of floors well. If you have hardwood or tiles, for instance, you can clean them on demand without scratching. You can also adjust the height of its 12.6-inch head to fit and clean area rugs and low profile carpets. Eureka NEU182A is a lightweight vacuum cleaner (10 pounds). Maneuvering it on most types of surfaces is a breeze. It also has a full-fledged low maintenance design that includes a quick release handle and an extra-large dust cup.


  • Adjustable height
  • Spacious head (12.6 inches)
  • Quick release handle
  • Lightweight (10 pounds)
  • Vacuum accessories

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7. Eureka NEU188A PowerSpeed Turbo


Do you have a dirty kitchen floor or a low-profile carpet with pet hair? To clean large areas without breaking a sweat, look for a new Eureka NEU188A PowerSpeed Turbo vacuum. Using its multi-surface brush roll, you can clean most surfaces with ease. These include delicate ones such as wood and laminate. The removable pet turbo brush on offer is also one of a kind. Whilst in use, it loosens and cleans pet hair without damaging floors. Finally, in addition to its extra-large storage capacity, you will like the long (eight feet) hose it comes with. This enables you to access and clean hard-to-reach areas.


  • Multi-surface brush roll
  • Pet turbo brush
  • Deluxe stretch hose (8 feet)
  • Telescoping crevice tool
  • LED headlights
  • Extra-large capacity

6. Bissell 1831 Cleanview Bagless Vacuum


Most bagged vacuums have a limited range. People have to empty their duct cups often whilst cleaning large floors. If you are one of them, shop for a bagless vacuum cleaner such as Bissell 1831 Cleanview instead. Perfect for cleaning debris and pet hair, it handles most types of cleaning jobs in homes professionally. The powerful OnePass technology it employs is also one of a kind. In synergy with this product’s multi-cyclonic system, it loosens and picks up debris on its first pass. It also has multi-level washable filters that clear allergens and dust from the air before releasing it in homes.


  • Portable bagless vacuum
  • Multi-cyclonic system
  • Washable multi-level filters
  • Powerful OnePass technology
  • Picks debris and pet hair

5. VonHaus 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum


Vacuum cleaners are beneficial household accessories. However, because of money problems, they stick to traditional cleaning accessories such as wet mops, which are frustrating to use. This should not be the case. VonHaus is an affordable 2-in-1 stick vacuum that delivers memorable results. You will like its lightweight freestanding design. Maneuvering it on floors of different types and sizes is easy. Designed to generate 14KPA of suction power, its 5.5amp system does a good job cleaning most types of debris. It also filters circulating air to remove allergens or bacteria and comes with a 19.5 foot quick fit power cord.


  • Long (19.5ft) quick fit power cord
  • 14KPA of suction power
  • Lightweight 2-in-1 design
  • Filters re-circulated air
  • Removable 1.3-liter bin
  • Cleans most types of floors

4. Bissell 9595A CleanView Vacuum


Bagless CleanView vacuums such as Bissell 9595A are perfect for cleaning large homes. With one, you do not have to bend for long whilst cleaning your living room or bedroom. Its lightweight and freestanding design orients the body naturally. This lowers fatigue. Its innovative brush design and powerful suction, on the other hand, boosts how this product cleans. In one pass, you can pick up fine debris such as pet hair and dust without exerting a lot of effort. Using its TurboBrush, you can also clean upholstery, furniture, and installations such as stairs easily. This vacuum has a multi-level filtration system that keeps re-circulated air clean. It also has a large tank that you can empty easily.


  • Light/freestanding design
  • Multi-level filtration system
  • Innovative brush design
  • Powerful suction
  • Effective TurboBrush

3. SharkNinja Shark Navigator


With SharkNinja Shark Navigator, you will never struggle to clean low profile carpets or the hardwood floors in your home. Its lightweight 0.6-pound structure is easy to use. Even kids can maneuver it easily over a wide area. The powerful and consistent suction that it generates is also admirable. Whether you are cleaning a bare floor or a carpet, its system picks up dirt and debris efficiently without scratching or fading them. This is a zero maintenance vacuum cleaning. Its durable motor delivers professional results for years. Its dust cup (bagless), on the other hand, has a high capacity design that you can empty easily.


  • Powerful and consistent suction
  • Bagless dust cup (high capacity)
  • Cleans most types of floors well
  • Lightweight vacuum (0.6 pounds)
  • Zero maintenance system

2. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel


Because of its advanced WindTunnel technology, the performance of this Hoover T-Series vacuum cleaner is impressive. It loosens and picks up embedded dirt in carpets with ease. The consistent suction that it generates also picks up pet hair and large debris such as sand without damaging floors. Finally, if you are conscious of the air quality of your home, this is the best vacuum cleaner to use. The HEPA filter (0.3 microns) that it comes with traps up to 99.9% of pollen and dust. As such, whilst in use, Hoover T-Series keeps that air in homes fresh.


  • Retractable power cord (25 feet)
  • Powerful WindTunnel technology
  • High-quality HEPA filter
  • Protective no scuff bumper

1. BLACK+DECKER BDASP103 Airswivel


Buy BLACK+DECKER BDASP103 Airswivel to get an 8.8-pound swivel steered vacuum cleaner that works well. It is easy to handle. Its low maintenance all-in-one design also has a plethora of novel features that make cleaning fun. Its 25-foot power cord and 8-foot hose boost its range by up to 33 feet. Its wide head (12 inches) saves people time whilst cleaning large areas. Finally, washable filters and easy-to-empty dust cup it comes with are convenient.


  • Swivel steered system
  • Lightweight (8.8 pounds)
  • Wide head (12 inches)
  • Easy-to-empty dust cup
  • 25-foot power cord
  • Swiveling 8-foot hose

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