Top 8 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviews In 2020

Basketballers should wear high-quality shoes. On outdoor courts, for instance, normal sneakers predispose people to serious career-ending injuries. Their uncomfortable designs also have a poor bounce. This compromises the performance of their users. Fortunately, you do not need deep pockets to own a pair of high-quality basketball shoes. These top 8 best outdoor basketball shoes are cost effective. Their durable and comfortable designs work well outdoors.

The Best Selling Products

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8. Adidas D Lillard 3

Adidas D Lillard 3

This is the official playing shoe for Portland Trail Blazer’s point guard, Damian Lillard. Manufactured by Adidas its style and performance have made it sought-after to date. Its fabric upper is light and breathable. On a harsh outdoor court, therefore, your feet will stay cool and comfortable in these shoes. Its rubber sole absorbs shock well, while its flexible Techfit design fits both narrow and wide feet seamlessly. Finally, with this pair of shoes, you will notice a significant improvement in your movement on basketball courts. The Puremotion+ technology that it has orients feet naturally. Its Sprintframe and flex zones (four), on the other hand, boost the stability of the feet in motion. This prevents foot injuries.


  • Four zones of flex
  • Breathable fabric upper
  • Puremotion+ technology
  • Seamless Techfit design
  • Shock absorbing sole (rubber)

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7. Adidas Performance Crazy

Adidas Performance Crazy

Do you like playing in dramatic and explosive basketball shoes? Are you looking for a new pair that can stabilize your feet and boost your performance outdoors? Look for this Adidas Performance Adidas Performance shoe online. Made of a synthetic and textile fabric, its lightweight upper is breathable. Its high-top arch stabilizes the heel, while its durable rubber sole can withstand weeks of abuse well. This makes Adidas Performance ideal for playing on rough surfaces such as tarmac and concrete. This shoe’s comfortable design benefits players. Its responsive cushioning, for instance, cradles the foot comfortably. Its over boost midsole (Tinted TPU) dissipates impact, while its textile lining is non-irritant.


  • Stable high-top design
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Over boost midsole (Tinted TPU)
  • Textile/synthetic upper
  • High-density rubber sole

6. ANTA Light Training

ANTA Light Training

Basketball training sessions last for hours. To handle the rigorous routines that coaches subject people to, look for a pair of lightweight basketball shoes. ANTA Light, for instance, is a lightweight shoe with an eye-catching black-themed design. The breathable mesh and synthetic fabric used to make it is comfortable. It also has a durable weave and leather and TPU overlays that boost its stability. On the court, therefore, you will move seamlessly without scarifying support or stability. Its EVA sole is also one of a kind. Lighter than rubber, it does not weigh down people. Its rubber outsole grips most surfaces well, while its padded collar and tongue are comfortable. Unfortunately, ANTA Light training shoe runs small.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Leather and TPU overlays
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Cooling micro perforations

5. CJZHE Sports Mix and Match

CJZHE Sports Mix and Match

These Mix and Match tide shoes from CJHE are comfortable casual shoes for playing basketball outdoors. Its unique red and white theme is appealing. Its fly-knit upper, on the other hand, is soft and breathable. While playing on the hard outdoor court in your locality, thus, your feet will stay cool for long. Its thick rubber sole also stands out. Its shock-absorbing design protects the feet from injuries. It also grips loose or rugged surfaces well. This streamlines the movements of its users. CJZHE Sports is a lightweight pair of shoes. It is also eye-catching. Apart from playing basketball, thus, you can wear it as a day-to-day casual shoe.


  • Fly-knit fabric upper
  • Water-resistant shoe
  • Lightweight rubber sole
  • Abrasion-resistant outsole
  • Fold and bend resistant
  • Eye-catching red theme

4. CJZHE Casual Net Shoes

CJZHE Casual Net Shoes

Are you shopping for a pair of light net shoes for sports? CJZHE Casual is a reputable casual brand for playing basketball. What makes this shoe special? First, you will like its flying woven fabric/leather upper. It flexes with the feet. With a new pair, thus, you will react faster to passes and make sharp turns easily without scarifying safety. Its insole is comfortable, while the thick rubber sole on offer grips most surfaces well. If you play on loose sand or a court made of slippery tarmac, this is the best pair of basketball shoes to use. Finally, you will like its weight. It does not strain ankles or feet.


  • Flying woven fabric upper
  • Non-slip rubber sole (thick)
  • Elastic one-piece laces
  • Comfortable insole (padded)
  • Breathable (odor free)

3. NIKE Air Versitile Li

NIKE Air Versitile Li

Nike basketball shoes come in many unique designs. NIKE Air Versitile, for instance, is reputable synthetic and textile shoe with a comfortable mid-top shaft. Optimized for speed, they are light. Their visible Air-Sole heels have low-impact cushions. Their rubber soles, on the other hand, have a non-slip herringbone pattern that boosts their stability outdoors and a unique bounce. They also dissipate impact well whenever you land on your heels. This prevents injuries. As its name suggests, NIKE Air Versitile is versatile. It is perfect for rock climbing. You can also wear it with casual clothes as an everyday sneaker.


  • Synthetic and textile upper
  • Visible Air-Sole heels
  • Low impact cushions
  • Heavy-duty rubber soles
  • Non-slip herringbone pattern

2. Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour Curry 3

Stephen Curry is one of the most successful athletes in the world. His merchandises are also among the most popular because of their premium designs. This replica Curry 3 from Under Armour, for instance, has many good attributes. Made of mesh, it is a light and comfortable shoe. On harsh outdoor courts, you will enjoy playing in a fitting pair for long. Its style (green) and durable rubber sole also stand out. The latter, for example, is not only durable but also designed to boost the stability of people outdoors. Under Armour Curry 3 comes in many sizes and interesting colors.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Interesting color options
  • High-top shaft (4.5-inches)

1. NIKE Air Versitile Nubuck

NIKE Air Versitile Nubuck

Currently, NIKE Air Versitile Nubuck is the best outdoor basketball shoe for men. Its synthetic upper is light yet durable. Optimized for comfort, its low-profile shaft (3-inches) and comfortable Achilles notch pads boost the performance of people. By locking feet while playing, for instance, they boost the safety of basketball players. This shoe has a bootie with a comfortable sock-like fit. It also has a padded midsole (Phylon) and a non-slip rubber sole that dissipates shock well.


  • Durable rubber sole
  • Low-profile shaft (3-inches)
  • Lightweight synthetic upper
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Comfortable sock-like bootie
  • Achilles notch pads

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