Top 10 Best Grease Guns Reviews In 2020

A good grease gun will speed up your job and get through boring but very important maintenance work quicker. Having a good flow rate, lightweight and a long hose make for the best grease gun on the market. Having strong torque and high operating psi certainly helps as well.

The Best Selling Products

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10. Koova Grease Gun Storage Holder

Koova Grease Gun Storage Holder

Keep your grease gun tucked away free from spreading a sticky mess around. Neatly hang your grease gun in style with Koova’s grease gun storage holder. This nifty tool can be hung up right where you need your grease gun the most in your shop making your grease gun super easy to access and less messy to store. The unique no-drip design means no more grease drips on your floor leaving stains all over. The removable cup catches any grease which may ooze from the gun. The all-steel construction is made from heavy gauge metal and powder-coated to ensure a lifetime of use. The package includes all mounting hardware for ease of use.


  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Grease collection cup
  • Hardware included
  • Made in the USA

9. Lincoln Industrial 12V Power Luber with Case

Lincoln Industrial 12V Power Luber with Case

Lincoln Industrial’s Powerluber is an excellent choice for your shop. These are apart of Lincoln’s line of many power lubricators. The 12-volt version is the original in the family of Lincoln’s PowerLubers. The 12-volt version is powerful generating up to 6000 psi of ideal operating pressure. Each battery recharges in only one hour so you can get right back to work in no time. Each fully charged battery can last long enough to dispense as much as 3 tubes of grease. This 12-volt powerluber comes with a flexible neck so you can reach tight corners and narrow areas. The Lincoln Industrial powerluber will speed up your routine tasks and relieve workers from fatigue.


  • 6000 psi operating pressure
  • 12 Volt
  • Battery-powered
  • Flexible dispensing neck

8. The M18 Cordless 2 Speed Grease Gun

The M18 Cordless 2 Speed Grease Gun

This battery-powered grease gun can deliver and outstanding max operating pressure of 10,000 psi. The M18 cordless 2 speed comes with an industry patented pre-set grease counter making service and maintenance professional able to dispense the exact amount needed for their tasks. The 2-speed design means users can alter between max pressure and max flow rate better tuning their tool tot heir needs. The onboard LED makes seeing in dark crevasses easier and more convenient than ever. Other unique features are the locks on and off the trigger, a plunger rod with markings to allow you to gauge how much grease is available in the tube. A provided shoulder strap ensures further convenience for the user. Each is powered with a RedLithium battery back ensuring the longest possible charge time.


  • 10,000 psi operating pressure
  • 12 volt
  • RedLithium battery powered
  • Shoulder strap
  • 2 speed adjustable
  • Built-in LED

7. The Astro Pneumatic Tool ADG100 Grease Gun Drill Adapter

The Astro Pneumatic Tool ADG100 Grease Gun Drill Adapter

This grease gun attachment is a great choice for those with a small shop or just need a grease gun for their personal garage shop. You can easily attach this tool to your drill and turn it into a grease gun. With a 1/4 inch hex nut driver and adjustable bracket means you can fit this grease gun attachment onto nearly any cordless, corded, and even air drills. The Astro Pneumatic ADG100 can operate at 4,000 psi and has a max pressure of 8000 psi.


  • 4000 psi operating pressure
  • Drill attachment
  • Cord, corded or air drills
  • 18-inch hose included

6. The UTOOL Grease Gun

The UTOOL Grease Gun

At number 6 Stool makes a top of the line high-performance grease gun. The max working pressure is 7000 psi completely guaranteed through iron die-cast head and enhanced sealing. Stool made their grease gun with an ergonomic design to lessen fatigue and make it easier to get into tight spaces. The ergonomic pistol grip allows you to operate using one hand and the rubber sleeve increases grip for safety. This is a great grease gun for the professional or solo shop owner.


  • 7000 psi max operating pressure
  • Iron die-cast head sealed
  • Ergonomic pistol grip design
  • 2 metal hoses and 1 flex hose included

5. The Milwakee 2646-22CT M18 Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun

The Milwakee 2646-22CT M18 Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun

Milwaukee’s M18 Cordless 2 speed delivers outmatched maxed pressure and a great flow rate of 10 oz. The max operating pressure is 10,000 psi making this a top-notch choice for your garage. Get precise with pre-set grease counter pounds with a generous 48-inch flexible hose. The air bleeder valve makes priming for quick flow easy and the lock on and off trigger adds even more convenience. Each charged battery gives up to 10 grease cartridges of delivery.


  • 10,000 psi max operating pressure
  • 2 speed pre-set grease counter pounds
  • 48-inch hose
  • shoulder strap
  • 10 cartridges per charge

4. The PowerLuber 1882

The PowerLuber 1882

This is a re-designed version of the older original Lincoln but with higher torque and up to 10,000 psi operating pressure in both a high and low output settings. A new designed battery makes grease output maximized while minimizing battery load. This tool has an LCD readout to accurately display battery level and grease level output. The LCD can also detect the meter flow rate making sure your parts are properly lubricated without second-guessing.


  • 10,000 psi max operating pressure
  • LCD screen
  • 2 speed high and low
  • Meter flow rate detection

3. The HandLuber 12V Grease Gun

The HandLuber 12V Grease Gun

Lumax’s 12V grease gun comes with a single battery and a 30-inch flex hose for easy access to bolts and parts. The balanced and ergonomic construction makes using the HandLuber for extended periods of time cause much less fatigue. Max operating pressure of 7000 psi makes tackling and job easier than ever. Save time and frustration with this battery-powered grease gun and speed up your routine maintenance.


  • 7000 max operating psi
  • 30-inch hose
  • Balanced and ergonomic

2. Ryobi 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun

Ryobi 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun

At number 2 Ryobi makes a fantastic grease gun with an operating pressure of 10,000 psi and a flow rate of up to 7.5 oz a minute. The built-in LED makes seeing in underlit conditions better and more convenient. The Ryobi can supply up to 19 cartridges on one charge! It comes with a 30-inch flexible hose for better access to your worm area. This is a great grease gun for a hobbyist, homeowner, or professional.


  • 10,000 max operating psi
  • 19 cartridges per charge
  • 30-inch flexible hose

1. Milwaukee Electric Grease Gun

Milwaukee Electric Grease Gun

The best grease gun in 2020 goes to Milwaukee with their electric grease gun. The cordless grease gun runs off a 2-speed system delivering 10,000 psi in high and low settings. This grease gun has a flow rate of over 10 oz the best on the list. Get Milwaukee’s precise pre-set grease system for the most accurate grease delivery. It comes with a 48-inch hose for maximum reach into difficult areas.


  • 10 max operating psi
  • 10 oz flow rate
  • 2 speed
  • 48-inch hose

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